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Happy SECOND Birthday & 2nd Year in Business to us!

Where do we even begin? What a crazy couple years it's been.

We've learned so much and made mistakes along the way. It's finally feeling like we are hitting our stride and have an amazing grasp on WHO our customer really is. We are excited to continue buying into 2024 with all of the knowledge we have acquired along the way this year. We've had the time of our life with you (like Taylor says!)

How have our products changed since we've opened?

More flattering clothing! We are having a lot of fun finding different clothing brands. What is even more fun is when you ladies try stuff on in the shop and you feel SO GOOD about yourself. That is when we know we have found some great pieces for multiple different body shapes. From casual to work appropriate, we try to have a wide variety of pieces that you will love having in your wardrobe. 

More gift selection is also KEY! We have found we are a destination in Dover for gifts (pinch us!). Several new brands have been added to our lineup this year that we are super excited for, such as Brumate, Sincerely Clay Earrings, A Little & Co. & more. We have paid attention to areas that we were lacking in before, such as bridal, graduation, and mother's day gifts. We are hoping to have all of our bases covered this year when it comes to gifting!

We are bringing back a fan favorite...

Denim is a major seller in our shop! We carry a huge amount of Liverpool Los Angeles Denim, Just Black Denim and (drumroll please) Good American is coming back! There is nothing like a great fitting pair of jeans to make you feel like a million bucks. We love a denim with a good stretch BUT it needs to keep it's shape! There is a very fine line between stretchy and baggy. 

Can we add you to our special orders list?

Did you know we basically offer a personalized shopping service? We have several ladies that we call every time that we get in new denim, new dresses, etc. We have all of your sizes in our customer system and are able to refer back to the information to find you the perfect pair of denim.

Why we love our location-

Capital Station shopping center is the spot to be! We have so many great neighbors. Have you visited? Veronica's Pizza is our favorite pizza place in Delaware. Their brick oven pizza is delicious, and it's a small business (our favorite kinda business). They make their cannolis and cheesecake in house, and we can't get enough. Try the Bart, it's our favorite. Burrito Bar just opened and is also delicious! The chips were so fresh, and who doesn't love Coke out of a bottle?! Crumbl Cookie just opened as well, and we are thrilled for them, their success and the foot traffic! Grab some Starbucks, and you're all set for a great weekend shopping trip. Dover has so many hidden gems, you have to check them out!

Did someone say party?

We love our big, open space in the shop. If we have all of the space, why not always have events? We are always planning the next big thing. We had a women's workshop here this March (women's month) with all local WOMAN OWNED businesses! It was a blast and we were all so thankful to see the community show up. We also offer in store events for a Girl's Night Out! We had a group of ladies host an "empty nest party" and ordered Crumbl and had champagne and all shopped together! You get the shop to yourself, and it's always more fun to shop with your girlfriends! Check out our event page for more information!

We are nothing without you!

We can't begin to explain how thankful we are for our first two years in business. Your continued support means more than the world to us. You show up in so many ways for us! From sharing our social media pages, shopping, or even just stopping in to say hello. We feel your love and we wouldn't be where we are without you. Thank you for shopping with us!

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